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Storagewall is kind of a catch-all term; almost everything we manufacture falls under that heading. However, the term is mainly used to describe our most standard unit. Usually a single, or pair of doors, these units are made to house all number of filing or garments.


These are your most straightforward, functional units, that can be applied to almost any space for any use.



Freewall's locker storagewall systems are top of the range in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Why settle for cheap looking metal monstrosities when you can fit your spaces with our MFC locker units? Give your storage that joinery feel.


With a massive range of locks at our disposal, you can have lockers that work in any situation. Whether it has a dedicated owner, or needs to be single use with a re settable code. We won't stop until you're totally satisfied with your new lockers. 


Say "hello!" to Freewall QB, the zoning system developed by Freewall that aims to give your workplace, meeting areas or breakout zones a fresher look.

In conjunction with Freewalls storagewall and cabinets, all your storage needs will be covered with an added touch of elegance, our synonymous versatility and top quality that characterises Freewall's storage products



We know storage isn't everything in your office spaces.


Whether you're looking to house functional assets such as printers & shredders, putting some of your interesting works or objects on display, or make spaces alive with decorative plants, Freewall's purpose made modules will make a difference to your storage layouts.


Or why not mix things up a little with customised seating sections that come in your favourite choice of soft fabrics? Our Cosywall is designed to blend seamlessly within our modular system, it could be just what you're looking for to brighten up your office. 


The classroom can be a hectic environment, especially when talking about primary schools. You need places to store books, bags, all sorts of teaching resources, not to mention the space for whiteboards & projectors. But with Freewall's Teachingwall system, we've introduced a solution.

Coming in all manner of customisable designs, Teachingwall will provide your classrooms with enough space and storage to really utilise your rooms full potential. Our units can be filled with space for Gratnell trays, slidable whiteboard doors, and custom alcove desks for the teachers to work at. Get in touch today to find out exactly what we can do for you.

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