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Elevate your storage

Freewall QB creates zones without the need for solid walls, giving a airy and open feel to a defined space.

Frames are designed to sit on the floor or be mounted on top of Freewall pre-assembled base cabinets

Modular QB sizes

Up to 5 levels high, the maximum height of the system is 2150mm.

A single starter module is 450mm deep and 450mm wide, each subsequent module adds 425mm to the lenght of the run. Double width modules are available.

Sleek lines

Based on a starter & extension principle, our system avoids the doubling up of sides which can be observed with other products in the market.

Freewall QB offers an unrivalled even appearance throughout. 

Rigid steel structure

Sturdy design that ensures all horizontal and vertical lines are uniform and consistent.

Thicker, black-powder coated steel frames ensure superior stability and a robust feel.

Fully customizable

A broad selection of accessories and inserts is available, the configurations are endless!

Choose from shelves, planters, alcoves, lockers, drop lights, and more.

A world of finishes

We can source, match and manufacture any MFC or Laminate board finish held in the UK and Europe.

Fabrics are sourced from the extensive Camira ranges, but we will aim to obtain your exact required fabrics.

Didn't quite find what you were looking for?

There is always much more to see!

Why not having a look at our other product ranges, or check our most recent works and updates for the ultimate source of inspiration.

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