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These stylish and functional number discs are a great way of distinguishing lockers apart from one another. They can either be mounted on the front, or recessed into the doors.


Designed to be visible and easy to use. These label holders are great for when just assigning a number to a locker isn't enough.


When you want to be bold, nothing is better than adding symbols to your storagewall. Designed for any purpose, whether you want to mark unit types, or just make labelling more striking.

Freewall storagewall installed in an office space, instead of a normal finished MFC board, the unit has a last graphic manifestation of open fields and sky applied to the front face of the cupboards.

Sometimes a standard board finish just isn't enough. We can apply almost any image you want to your storagewall. Whether you want one large image, or one specific image for each door, we can provide you with the means to bring your vision to the real world. 

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